CRACAU (2018)

Press commentaries

“Writer and musician Björn Gögge combines digital and analog sounds to craft an album of pure poetry. […] Listen to CRACAU like you would read the lines of a poem. An entirely new technique for understanding classical music emerges”
(Robby Gilson/

“A very intimate experience – it seems to me like Björn is playing a little concert only for me on his piano”
(Jan-Dirk Platek/

“An heavy, but really successful minimalistic and instrumental endeavour”
(Thoralf Koß/

Album info

A1. Au Piano (R. Borgatti)
A2. Ancient Harmony (P. Klee)
A3. The Great Escape (C. Schloe)
A4. Stayed Up All Night Wondering Where The Sun Went, Then It Dawned On Me (D. Huynh)
B1. La Route de Louveciennes (C. Pissarro)
B2. The Lovers II (R. Magritte)
B3. Monochrome Bleu (Y. Klein)
B4. The Grove (H. Frankenthaler)